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Street Food Festival

Street Food Festival is an event for all residents and visitors of the State of Qatar.

Street Food Festival aims to encourage restaurants and small and medium enterprises to be unique and creative in their projects, especially that the Qatari market is a good market for a restaurant to start and reach the international market.

The festival is called "Street Food," a fast-food or drink that is sold in streets, markets or public places. Restaurants that offer this type of meal are often either booths or Food carts or even shops. These meals are usually inspired by popular foods from different countries and cultures, and street food is affordable for everyone. According to a 2007 FAO study, 2.5 billion people around the world eat street food every day.

Today, people may prefer to eat street food for many reasons, such as: there is a lot of different options to choose from, it is easy to eat anywhere and its price is affordable for everyone, in addition to that, street food represents the popular and heritage cuisine of different countries and cultures.

About the Festival

For the first time in Qatar, Street Food Festival the first of its kind, gathers many restaurants, food trucks and home-based projects. It has many different types of restaurants, in terms of restaurant style and the cuisines they offer.

The festival offers a unique opportunity for visitors to visit a wide range of restaurants, from local and oriental to Asian, American and European, Mediterranean and other cuisines, as well as the opportunity for restaurants and home-based projects to introduce their products to customers directly.

The festival will also be accompanied by many events related to food and cooking as well as many competitions and prizes for visitors.

Date : 13-23 NOVEMBER 2019

Location : Al-Bidda Park, Next to Cafe 999

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